Our Heritage Chickens

Standard Cochins

Large Fowl Standard Cochin Chickens Cochins are Heritage Poultry recovering from the endangered list. The Standard Cochin is considered gigantic with an abundance of feathers and are considered gentle giants. 
The hens are very easy to handle and make perfect pets for families with children. Cochin hens are often used for hatching and brooding other bird’s eggs, even those of ducks and turkeys! 
Roosters are known for being fairly mellow. The boys rarely get aggressive, mean or quarrelsome.

We sell hatching eggs @ $60. per dozen or $5. per egg  (mix pen Blue, Black, Splash, Silver & Gold Laced) (pickup only, at this time).
Straight run chicks @ $12. each (chicks are local pickup only).
Occasionally we have young birds for sale (local pickup only), please contact us.