Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs
  • Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs
  • Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs

Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs

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Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs (Black, Blue, Splash mixed breeding pen)

About the Breed:

Standard Cochin chicks will grow slowly compared to other large fast-growing dual-purpose breeds. Standard Cochins are a more submissive breed, so if they are growing up in a mixed broody pen they may be picked on. Standard Cochins can take up to two years to mature since they are slow growers. When they are full-grown, the male can weigh in at 11 pounds with the female weighing around 8 ½ pounds.
Cochins are a very calm, beautiful bird that has mainly earned its name for being a show bird. Cochins have a lovely, fluffy and round appearance. They are gentle broody hens and mothers that are also eye candy in the yard. Our top rooster in the coop for many years now is an old favourite Standard Splash Cochin. The second gentleman is a handsome young Standard Blue Cochin. Our ladies in this pen consist of 5 Splash, 4 Blue and 4 Black.

Standard Cochins are dual-purpose birds and decent egg layers. They lay medium to large very pale brown eggs. They are cold-hardy, yellow-skinned, feather-footed and have single combs.

Standard Cochins are a good breed for first-time chicken owners and families with children.


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