Hatching Eggs

Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs

Location: Deep Brook (Annapolis Valley), Nova Scotia
Cost: $60. per dozen
Pick up only at this time and social distancing is in effect.

Cochins are Heritage Chickens that are recovering from the endangered list. The Standard Cochin is considered a gentle giant, which are beautifully feathered, including their feet.
The hens are very easy to handle and make perfect pets for families with children. Cochin hens are often used for hatching and brooding other bird’s eggs, even those of ducks and turkeys!
Roosters are known for being fairly mellow. The boys rarely get aggressive, mean or quarrelsome.

They are dual-purpose birds and decent layers of medium-large light brown eggs. Standard Cochins are cold-hardy, yellow-skinned, feather-footed and have single combs. APA Weights: Rooster 11 lbs., Hen 8 lbs.

Mixed colour breeding pen: Blue, Black, Splash, Silver Laced, Standard Cochin.
Our bloodlines originated from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.
We have two roosters the big boss is a Splash and the second is a Black. We have ten hens – six Splash, two Blue, one Black and one Silver Laced.

Because of conditions beyond our control during incubation, we are unable to guarantee hatchability. However, all the eggs will be fresh.