substrate bags

Inoculating Sawdust Substrates with Grain Spawn

When inoculating your substrate you will want to perform this under aseptic conditions to prevent contamination. This is best done in front of a flow hood. Be sure to clean your workspace, wash your hands and forearms, and put on a face mask, and gloves. Have a spray bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting your gloved hands, equipment and the outside of your spawn bags.

Separate the grains of the colonised spawn while the bag is still closed. Open the sterilised wood substrate bag. Use 2 to 10 % (of target substrate mass) of grain spawn to inoculate wood substrate.

This next step is done in front of a flow hood. I add approximately 250 g of grain spawn per bag containing 2 kg of the wood substrate.
Close the inoculated substrate bag using an impulse sealer. To achieve rapid and equal colonisation, distribute the colonised grain evenly into the fresh substrate, be sure to get the grain to the bottom of your substrate bags. Some find it beneficial to reshake the bag after 5 – 7 days.