Our Pretty Silver Laced Hen

This is our pretty Silver Laced Standard Cochin hen. She is super friendly and very inquisitive. Always the first one out of the coop and the last one in.

The Silver Laced Standard Cochin is a relatively new and rare variety of Cochin chicken. Last year I purchased 7 silver laced hatching eggs. Out of the 7, only 5 were viable and she was the only one to hatch. Of course, she’s my favourite and most expensive hen.

I absolutely love Standard Cochins because of their quiet and gentle disposition. My favourite colours are black, blue and silver laced. The colouring of the Silver Laced Cochin resembles the Silver Laced Wyandotte with the typical silver-laced feather pattern, but with a single comb and feathered shanks and toes.

I’m looking for more Silver Laced Standard Cochin hatching eggs this year. Let me know if you have hatching eggs available.