chicks outside

So When Can Chicks Go Outside?

After the chicks are 3 weeks old, if it’s warm outside (65-70 degrees at least) and sunny, feel free to let them have a little “outdoor time”! Put them in a wire cage or erect some other temporary housing and place it in the sun, making sure they have access to water and shade if they need it. They’ll absolutely love digging around in the grass. But don’t leave them unattended! At this age they’re very good flyers and susceptible to predators.

By 6 weeks of age your chickens are ready to move outside. Trust me, you’ll be thrilled to get them out of your house.

Chick Heat Table

Chick AgeTemperatureConsideration
0-7 Days95°FNow is not the time to let babies stay outside the brooder more than a couple minutes.
week 290°FBabies start flying very early! Be sure the heat lamp is secure and can’t be reached.
week 385°FChicks can make short trips outside, if the weather is nice and warm.
week 480°FLet chicks enjoy more time outside, but keep a close eye on them.
week 575°FIs your house 75°F? Turn off the heat lamp.
week 670°FStart acclimating the chickens, letting them spend all day outside unless the weather is cold and rainy.
After 6 weeksReady for outsideFully feathered chicks can endure 30°F and lower. Acclimate them before putting them outside for good. Be sure coops are draft-free.